About Workforce Strategies, Inc.

It has taken Workforce Strategies 25 years to evolve this unique, highly complex system which stores, converts, and analyzes all of this data into one common human capital language with measurements, indexes, and benchmarks.

WFSintelWorkforce Strategies, Inc. has put the science into human capital management, analytics, and workforce planning. The company’s intellectual capital and intellectual property includes the human capital infrastructure, also known as ClaryWorks. This generates universally applicable core human capital measurements for any size workforce by industry, geographic location, and workplace. It creates benchmarks and analytics, including for other countries, and is the underlying system that normalizes all workforce intelligence. This infrastructure allows for a high level of comparability and reporting and is for internal and external workforce analysis. World leading human capital consultants have stated that Workforce Strategies has figured out things about the workforce that no one else has, and, that it is a decade ahead of the times.

So what Workforce Strategies, Inc. does in the end is give companies and people a competitive edge by providing them information and perspective no one else can, including turning your dormant business intelligence into revenue generators.