WFSscience2Our Solutions: Data, Product Development, and Consulting

Our data products and consulting services are essential for norm-based, factual workforce profiling and workforce planning: today and tomorrow. They are for objectively profiling both internal and external workforces. Used by human capital professionals, executives, and analysts our solutions include comparing, reporting, and consulting for making more informed decisions and human capital planning. Our services and consulting include standardizing your databases and internal business and intelligence. Our products include internal data files for database normalization, fact-based human capital analytics, and job content.

1.) Our Workforce Analytic Products  

Our norm-based workforce analytics (data) are delivered in these formats: flat files, reports, charts, graphs, and maps. They can be delivered through our own technology or through another’s technology, including your talent management software. Our data deliverables and outputs, including format and content, are based on your needs and use including your specific workforce initiatives and business goals.

In addition, for software vendors we develop and deliver data solutions for delivery in your technology. Our deliverables are aligned with your offerings with the data and outputs configured to match your offerings, business model, and customer strategies.

Our deliverable are on-premise solution or web-enabled. We are a critical part of the product development, including programming, or we work closely with your product development team and programmers.

2.)   Our Human Capital Infrastructure Products

These include sophisticated set of data files – the infrastructure. Based on your needs, for analysis, product embedment, reporting and output creation, our deliverables includes the data bases, files, and elements – that house the universal fundaments. These deliverables are necessary for aligning your internal human capital management and human resource technologies, solutions, and data bases with globally used standards and norms. Embedded into your solutions for delivery your own analytics or with ours. Our infrastructure components, including programming to fix, align, standardize, and normalize internal databases including talent management software systems; customer’s solutions; human resource systems; internal corporate human resource departments’ content; market databases; and all other business intelligence, systems and deliverables. Contact us to learn more.

3. ) Job Content Management System

This fortifies and standardizes your career planning platform and job descriptors with in-depth views of occupation-specific technical, personal and professional skills, and talent requirements. This is the gateway to standardized human capital measurements. It allows for high level of comparability and reporting of your internal business intelligence against the external world – including foreign analytics. This system is for standardizing and creating normalized internal job descriptions, task development, career paths, job groups and more.

For internal management and strategic workforce planning, our job content system provides the larger world reference. It builds internal career paths with an interactive job descriptor tool to develop the company’s specific career walkway. It is aligned to show and use standardized, core, universal industry, talent, skill, wage, knowledge, and other workforce analytics. It opens the door to leveraging today and tomorrow’s universally applicable human capital indicators – with benchmarks.

4. ) Our Services: Consulting and Product Development

Our deliverables often include consulting on: how to use our data; product development; embedding into partner’s technology. It also includes delivering our analytics and content in conjunction a client’s customized solution including HR solution; aligning a database; profiling a workforce; planning; and more. 


Other Information

Our data are licensed. As leased, they include regular updates. Call us to discuss data files, delivery methods; deliverables; elements; and outputs including format and content.

Users and Industries: Our databases are very huge and, therefore, our deliverables are segmented based on end-customer’s needs including by geography, industry (NAICS), and workplace. Our deliverables are pared to analyze, show, and report only on the universal cores that are pertinent to the end-customer’s needs.

We partner in delivery and solution. Our partnerships include technology and business intelligence companies with our human capital analytics being embedded and delivered through their customers’ proprietary solutions. For examples, our analytics are used in making informed site selection decisions by one of the world’s largest real estate development and consulting companies in its proprietary analyses; by real estate professional certifying organizations with our deliverables made accessible through membership; and by economic developers, workforce development professionals, and more. We consult.

Why is this known as the Human Capital Infrastructure? We are the sole owner of our data and infrastructure – our research and development have spawned these evidence-based, universal, core analytics. The fact is – our analytics are the essential imperative for all effective human capital measurement, today and tomorrow. They are the imperative because they are aligned, therefore, allowing any company in the world to be able to measure its workforce with benchmarks, including within its own industry and to the broader world around it.

This is just one of the reasons why leaders in human capital management and consulting agree that Workforce Strategies’ intellectual capital and databases, together and from bottom-to-up, are “the human capital infrastructure”.